Canline is a renowned leader in the industry dedicated to developing and implementing the most advanced technology. Where applicable, we adapt best practices in other applications that can bring improvements to our service offerings and our pipeline installation and inspection methods. We strive to innovate within our business operations and our utilization of sophisticated data and equipment technology.

Business Operations

Canline is committed to being an early adopter of technology in our business operations. We invest significant resources in research as influential tech leaders in our industry, always searching for future forward solutions that can streamline our business processes and systems, expand our service offerings, reduce our environmental impact, and ultimately benefit our clients. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications help us automate our business processes, improving our business agility and communication proficiencies. We have established close working relationships with leading inspection tool and pipe manufacturers, which provides us with the opportunity to be in direct conversation with those that are at the forefront of technological research and development in our industry. Our technological advancements enhance productivity and lead to efficiencies, which significantly reduce our clients’ pipeline downtime and project costs.

Data Technology

Our progressive data technology is highlighted in our proprietary Algorithm Pulling Calculator that evaluates pulling and tensions. This is integrated with our exclusive engineered break-away disconnect system, which ensures maximum tensile pull force, without the threat of over pulling a product or compromising the integrity of the liner itself. Our Real Time Data Acquisition Equipment monitors and records speed, weight, and distance in a Data Logging Record (DLR), which is included in our standard Quality Control Package we provide our clients at the completion of their project.

Equipment Technology

Canline owns and operates the most diverse fleet of pulling equipment in North America that is specifically engineered, designed, and constructed for pulling anywhere from 10,000lbs to 40,000lbs pull force.

Our state-of-the-art Advanced Pulling Technology Units (APTU) feature our Real Time Data Acquisition Equipment that monitors and records speed, weight, and distance in our Data Logging record (DLR). Our APTU’s are far superior over conventional “wireline” trucks because of the direct drive hydraulic capstan system that ensures smoother, more consistent pulling strength at any speed, weight, and distance. The result is controlled pipeline pulling and accurate, sophisticated data collection for analysis.

Advanced Pulling Technology Unit (APTU)

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Canline Pipeline Solutions technology EPT
Fully Integrated
Electronic Controls
Operators Cabin
Cameras with
LCD Monitoring
Real Time
Data Acquisition
Pull Force
Weight Limiter
Light Weight
High Performance
Synthetic Rope
Direct Drive
Hydraulic Capstan

Synthetic Rope

Our units feature specialized, light weight, yet high performance synthetic rope. It is extremely strong, flexible, and safer than steel cable, which has an incredible amount of stored energy when it is under tension. The use of synthetic rope that is abrasion-resistant, wear-resistant, and spliceable, reduces surging and mitigates the potential for internal damage to the pipeline in bends, risers, and bores. Offering smooth, consistent speed, our use of synthetic rope also contributes to our ability to execute controlled pipeline pulling and the collection of accurate, sophisticated data for analysis.

Canline’s 35 years of knowledge and experience enables us to identify which technologically advanced pigs will be the most effective for the required application. Additionally, we incorporate revolutionary lubrication techniques to avoid pipeline damage.

Our equipment technology reduces the number of bell holes required, which minimizes the environmental impact and disruption to neighboring communities. Additionally, it significantly reduces our clients’ assets downtime and project costs.

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