Safety, Quality Control and The Environment

Our unwavering commitment to safety is evident in all our reliable processes and systems. Our clients trust our highly trained team of professionals and our extensive quality control systems, which is backed by our proven track record. This ensures no complexities are missed, our crew is kept safe, and unnecessary errors and delays are prevented. Wherever we work, we consider ourselves stewards of the environment and patrons of the community. Our tethered pulling services and our slip lining process, provides environmentally responsible solutions for aging pipelines.


Our commitment to safety is firmly established with our clients during our Pre-Job Coordination. This upfront due diligence contributes to asset integrity and risk mitigation. Canline complies with all applicable legislation, regulations, and additional requirements we have identified in our own safety procedures. Our well-established safety objectives, targets, and measures, serve as the basis for continual improvement.

Quality Control

Quality control is imperative in Canline’s business operations. Consistently going above and beyond industry standard, our processes and systems ensure every detail is taken care of and well documented. This is evidenced in our comprehensive Quality Control Package all clients receive at turnover.

Canline is currently working on achieving our ISO accreditation in ISO 14001 – Environmental Performance Standards and ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems. This will be a tremendous accomplishment and will further elevate our reputation in the industry, once received.


Canline’s business is foundationally built on the premise of providing technological advancements that reduce our industry’s environmental impact. We engage in ongoing research to ensure we are always at the forefront of developing environmentally responsible solutions that can further decrease our ecological footprint.

Whether it’s our free-standing liner installations that replace aging pipelines without tearing up the ground for the length of the pipeline, minimizing the ecological impact and disruption to neighbouring communities, or our tethered pulling inspections that protect the integrity and safety of pipelines, we are committed to being stewards of the environment and patrons of the community.

We embrace every available opportunity to prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimize the consumption of resources. Our partnerships with external industry organizations are extremely important for the supply of all required HSE (Health Safety and Environment) data and information.

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