Canline’s approach exemplifies our 35 years of experience as North America’s specialist in High-Tech Pulling Services and Non-Metallic Pipeline Solutions, combining the talents of our professional team and technological ingenuity, along with well-defined processes and systems.


Location is never a deterrent for Canline’s capacity to provide our expertise on a project. With the flexibility to deploy our mobile team across North America, we can meet the demands of your project requirements.

Project Locations in the United States

Project Locations in Canada


Innovation and research are at the forefront of our differentiation, combining human ingenuity and technology. This is inclusive of our automated business processes, mechanical and equipment technology, and installation procedures. Whether it’s our diverse fleet of explicitly designed and engineered Advanced Pulling Technology (APT) units, our use of specialized, light weight, yet high performance, synthetic rope, or our proprietary algorithm calculator that evaluates pulling and tensions, our progressive approach allows us to complete the most challenging projects.


Our highly regarded team is comprised of some of the most talented and qualified experts in the industry and are truly the strength of our company. We are dedicated to ensuring our loyal team is well supported, receive ongoing professional development opportunities and are fairly compensated. Our expectations are set-high and are supported by our Operational Excellence Program that all employees must complete. Across the board from Canline’s management, sales representatives, technicians, and certified equipment operators, it is evident that Canline’s employees are passionate, proficient, and demonstrate a superior work ethic.

Pre-Job Coordination

Canline’s Pre-job Coordination is the cornerstone of our ability to deliver reliable, safe, and efficient service, which is integral to the establishment of our strong reputation. Involving Canline as early as possible in the project planning conversation, allows us to contribute our knowledge of best practices. Our expertise helps alleviate project delays, cost overruns and ensures adherence to safety protocols.

This up-front planning includes the following:

• Review of Site Drawings
• On-site Visits
• Detailed Checklist
• Pre-job Team Meeting(s)

On-site Visits

On-site visits help determine the most efficient approach that will reduce our clients’ assets downtime and project costs, while verifying there are no unidentified concerns, variables, or considerations that have not previously been identified. On-site visits may include the following:

• Assess possible dig points and/or riser locations.
• Determine the APTU (Advanced Pulling Technology Unit) position.
• Finalize the correct sizing and pull force rated unit.
• Establish flange size and type for both ends.
• Ascertain the compressor sizing and confirm if it is equipped with air cooler.
• Verify compressor hose fitting compatibility.

Detailed Checklist

The Detailed Checklist provides a clearly defined overview of the scope of work, identifying all project considerations and safety requirements. This checklist will be reviewed at the Pre-job Team Meeting. 

Pre-job Team Meeting

The Pre-job Team Meeting will be scheduled either in-person or remotely, prior to the commencement of the project. The entire team should be present inclusive of the pipeline owner(s) and/or oil and gas representative(s), engineers, mechanical contractors, digging crew, support crew, compressed air suppliers and any other associated pipeline staff. This ensures that everyone is aligned, educated, and informed on the project scope and specifications, and all necessary equipment and tools are ordered. This is an essential step in identifying any safety considerations and ultimately ensures that the project execution is seamless. Additionally, it prevents errors and delays and raises any environmental concerns.


Integrity is at the foundation of Canline’s values. This is backed by our extensive knowledge, well-established processes and systems, and advanced technology integration. We prioritize reducing our clients’ assets downtime, maximizing their cost savings, while providing solutions that are safer for the environment and surrounding communities to help reduce the social impact.

Project Management Capabilities

Canline offers comprehensive project management and coordination capabilities for clients that require this expertise.


Our unwavering commitment to safety is firmly established with our clients during our Pre-Job Coordination. This upfront due diligence contributes to asset integrity and risk mitigation. Canline complies with all applicable legislation, regulations, and additional requirements we have identified in our own safety procedures. Our well-established safety objectives, targets, and measures, serve as the basis for continual improvement.

Quality Control

Quality control is imperative in Canline’s business operations. Consistently going above and beyond industry standard, our processes and systems ensure every detail is taken care of and well documented. This is evidenced in our comprehensive Quality Control Package all clients receive at turnover.

Canline is currently working on achieving our ISO accreditation in ISO 14001 – Environmental Performance Standards and ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems. This will be a tremendous accomplishment and will further elevate our reputation in the industry, once received.


Canline’s business is foundationally built on the premise of providing technological advancements that reduce our industry’s environmental impact. We engage in ongoing research to ensure we are always at the forefront of developing environmentally responsible solutions that can further decrease our ecological footprint.

Whether it’s our free-standing liner installations that replace aging pipelines without tearing up the ground for the length of the pipeline, minimizing the ecological impact and disruption to neighbouring communities, or our tethered pulling inspections that protect the integrity and safety of pipelines, we are committed to being stewards of the environment and patrons of the community.

We embrace every available opportunity to prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimize the consumption of resources. Our partnerships with external industry organizations are extremely important for the supply of all required HSE (Health Safety and Environment) data and information.

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