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Monitor And Maintain Pipelines With Our Tethered Tool Pulling Services And Equipment

When it comes to pipeline pigging solutions for the oil and gas industry, Canline Pipeline Solutions is committed to delivering tethered tool pulling services that exceed expectations. Our team of well trained and qualified technicians surpasses industry standards by using their expertise, experience and advanced technology to deliver nothing but excellence.

Our expertise with specialist pigging solutions and turnkey services help us complete projects with precision that meet or exceed international standards.

At Canline we provide expert tethered pig pulling services for the oil and gas industry in Canada and the USA.


Our Main Focus

Failures to pipelines installed by oil & gas industries have intense consequences on the environment and costs organizations billions of dollars to rectify the issue. To avoid such penalties, Canline Pipeline Solutions offers integrated tethered pig pulling programs. This significantly reduces the risk of pipeline failures and extends the life and efficiency of the pipeline. Extensive experience working with leading edge test equipment providers that inspect pipelines from small businesses to large-scale facilities in Canada and the USA make us experts in the industry.

As specialists in the pipeline pigging industry, we provide pulling services with our clients equipment which records data while the tethered pigs are pulled through the pipeline. This equipment will look at the pipe wall thickness, corrosion, metal loss, roundness or dents in the pipe

What Our Pig Pulling Services Achieve

Our pulling units are equipped with weight, speed, and distance meters. Our products and onsite capabilities help us do pulls typically in the 3000m (9843ft) long range. However, we can go further in some circumstances. These are measured real time and electronically recorded. This information is shared with our customer as part of our Quality Control Package.

What Makes Us Different?

How is our tethered tool pulling services different from other pipeline companies? Find out below or contact Canline Pipeline Solutions!

Synthetic Rope

We use highly specialized synthetic rope which makes us different from the rest in the industry. We prefer this technology, as steel wires can cut into pipes, especially in bends and risers causing internal damages to the pipeline. Some added benefits for the synthetic rope include:

  • Safer (Significantly less stored energy under load making it much safer for the operators)
  • Lighter (7 times lighter than steel wire)
  • Stronger (15 times stronger than steel wire)
  • Longer blow down distances
  • Does not cause internal damage to pipeline.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Wear resistant
  • Flexible
  • Spliceable

Equipment Fleet

Equipment designed and built specifically for pulling pipe and inspection tools.

  • Wheeled Truck mounted units
  • Low Impact Track Units
  • Equipment can manage pull forces from 10,000lbs to 40,000lbs.
  • Minimal ground disturbance and eliminates the need for matting. Provides easy access on right of ways and excellent in tight spaces

Other Pipeline Maintenance And Construction Services

  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Pipe and Reel Transport
  • Pipeline Repairs (Slip Lining)
  • Flexpipe Crimping Equipment
  • Certified Flexpipe Fitting Technicians
  • HDPE Fusing Equipment
  • Certified HDPE Fusing Technicians
Canline Has Complete Operating Procedures And A Comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment System

This allows us to deliver our tethered tool pulling services to top companies in Canada and the USA

  • Professional, highly trained and experienced people
  • Reliable and Dependable
  • Excellent safety record
  • Excellent HSE program
  • Excellent communication
  • Superior in planning, coordinating and working with the customer to ensure successful execution.
  • Fleet Equipment stocked with the required and properly rated auxiliary tools and equipment to get the job done