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The Environmentally Conscious & Sustainable Choice

Canline is happy to offer our customers a full range of products and services providing fusion machines, certified and experienced technicians, repairs, pipe & fittings procurement, shipping, deployment, and all the equipment that goes along with completing a professional fusion job at your job site.

Canline can build HDPE headers, piping spools and pre-manufactured pipeline tees. All shop fabricated fittings and spools are pressure tested and come with a full QA/QC turn over package.

Canline Pipeline Solutions HDPE Division serves numerous industries with the newest innovative solutions including: Municipal Utilities, Industrial Services, Agricultural, Mining, Oil and Gas an Environmental Solutions.

Canline has developed and implemented qualified procedures for every aspect of HDPE fusion work along with an extensive in-house competency/ Abnormal operating condition program.

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Canline Pipeline Solutions HDPE Division Services

Butt Fusion  Saddle Fusion  Sidewall Fusion  Electrofusion  Socket Fusion
  • A-frame deployment, Self-loading deployment trailers
  • AH McElroy certified fusion technicians
  • Sandale University certified fusion Technician
  • CWB Certified 178.2 Inspectors Z662, B31.3
  • Experience in all in-field testing including bend back, tensile and side bend testing to meet all CSA and ASTM code requirements
  • A full quality control program
  • Data Logger 6 technology with real-time data acquisition
  • Utilization of McElroy Optimized Cooling
  • Product procurement shipping of Pipe and Fitting
  • Sustainalube ECO Chainsaw chain oil lubricant
  • New fabrication
  • Prefabrication of spools
  • Field Fabrication
  • Emergency Repair
  • Mainline drag section
  • Bolt-ups
  • Tie-Ins
  • Complete Hydrotest packages