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Certified Experience = Certainty

Canline Pipeline Solutions has been directly involved in the installation of composite piping since the inception of this revolutionary technology. We specialize in pulling new pipelines inside of compromised or poor performing pipes. Canline was the first in North America to successfully meet regulatory approval in installing freestanding stainless-steel tubing inside of a failed steel pipeline. Since our first installation we have been honoured to provide these services worldwide, specializing in a wide range of composite piping. We will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of the project and help you determine whether rehabilitating your pipeline is a practical and efficient solution.

When dealing with an aging pipeline, you are typically faced with five major concerns: Installing a new pipeline usually disturbs the environment and negatively impacts the neighboring residences for the entire length of the pipeline. Installation requires large crews working with complex and potentially dangerous equipment, this typically costs a great deal in terms of materials, manpower, and time. Canline solves these problems by simply pulling a new pipeline inside of the existing pipeline. Rehabilitating the pipeline mitigates these risks. Smaller crews and specialized equipment equate to less cost and greater safety for people and the environment.

For more than 15 years Canline has had the pleasure and privilege to work with industry leaders in the composite pipe and fitting industry in many different capacities. You can rest assured Canline has the proven track record, experience, equipment, people committed to making your next project a success.

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Predictable & Proven Expertise

  • Synthetic Rope
  • Global Positioning System
  • Diversified Certifications
  • Complete Quality Control Program & Turn-Over Package
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Weight, Speed, Distance Recording
  • On-Site Technical Expertise
  • Wrapidbond Certified
  • Break-Away
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Scar-Guard Anti-Abrasion Certified
  • Adaptable to Climate & Terrain
  • Material Handling
  • GPS Location of Fitting
  • Reliable Communication
  • Complete Safety Program