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Monitor & Maintain Pipelines With Tethered Tool Pulling Services & Equipment

For more than 35 years, Canline Pipeline Solutions has consistently delivered turnkey services to the oil & gas pipeline industry. Integration of hi-tech engineered pulling units and the use of unique equipment for tethered pig pulling or slip lining, (the process of installing a free-standing pipeline inside an existing pipeline) helps us cater to all sizes of pipeline industries in the USA, Canada, Offshore and International.

Our role in the energy industry has been a very important one. Its no secret that the focus on the pipeline industry and environmental concerns that go along with it grows each day. We offer incredibly safe tethered tool pulling services and slip lining as an environmentally responsible solution for an aging pipeline. Operating as an expert oil and gas pipeline contractor, Canline Pipeline Solutions can successfully execute all aspects of pipeline construction including installation. We can work with your contractor of choice providing just our pulling services, crimping or fusing services, or we can provide complete turnkey construction and project management. Our comprehensive procedures, relentless attention to detail, quality control and safety programs make us industry leaders in this sector.

Download our Advanced Pulling Technology brochure

  • All our pulling units are engineered and specialized for pulling pipeline inspection tools and pipeline liners
  • We have proven capabilities for supplying pulling units needed for international and overseas projects.
  • Track mounted Low Impact. Excellent for environmentally sensitive areas or challenging conditions.
  • 15,000lb Trailer and skid mounted electric unit = zero emissions.
  • Truck mounted units
  • Trailer mounted units (10,000lb to 40,000lb pulling capability)

Real time Data Monitoring and Acquisition:

• Weight indicator with adjustable pull force weight limiter

• Speed Indicator

• Distance measurement (Note: can tell where the tool is at any given time)

• Data logging system recording the run data above

• There are many rope manufacturers with hundreds of models and types of rope used in several industries.

• There are many factors to consider for rope construction and the manufacturing process for use in this type of application.

• Canline’s experience along with working with major rope manufacturers gives us the leading edge on using the best available rope product for this specialized application.

• Canline pulling units are not conventional wireline winch drum units. They are all capstan type winches that provide smooth movement both in and out with the ability to pull at maximum power at any distance. (Most Winch drum units pull force vary significantly in relation to the amount of cable on the drum)

• Synthetic rope advantages over steel cable:

Safer. Significantly less stored energy under load making it much safer for the operators.

Lower recoil. Steel cable has Higher Mass. Higher Risk.

Lighter. 7 times lighter than steel wire rope. Allows for much longer blowdowns especially in smaller diameter

Stronger. 15 times stronger the steel wire rope

Abrasion-resistant, Wear-resistant, Flexible, Sliceable

It does not cause internal damage to pipelines in bends, risers, and bores.

• #1 - Smooth constant speed for accurate data and analysis

• All Canline Pulling units are hydraulic direct drive with no chains.

Tethered Inspection Tools

  • Synthetic Rope
  • Global Positioning System
  • Data Logger (live...)
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Weight, Speed, Distance Recording
  • Full QC Package

Free-Standing Liner Installations

  • Engineered Break-Away System
  • Anti-Corrosion Application Certification
  • Anti-Abrasive Application Certification
  • Lubrication Application
  • Material Handling
  • GPS Location of Fitting
  • Anode Utilization